Life is a bowl of cherries 🍒

No matter what is going on in your world, joy is your purpose. The shifting back, moment by moment… reaching for better feeling thoughts and ideas opens you up for guidance and aligned steps. Let it be Easy.

I’ve always been a genius manifester. I’m super clear on my desires. And I won’t budge for anything less… Be it in work, home, relationships and pretty much everything.

I always call in dream clients (even in the world of Finance!)

I share my gifts. It feels So good and people Love to pay me.

Let it be EasyI remember the first event we hosted in London… I looked around the room and thought “Wow. These are some of the most successful people I know” !

The next day, I was telling a friend who said “That’s why they are So successful. They’re right there open and ready to learn more.” So true

Over the years, this has been my experience over and over again… Those who are most open to learning end up running the most successful entities. Even when the entire company is floundering, their sections flourish. It’s the energy  they’re putting into growing as humans, as people, as leaders.

I Love that So much because that’s who I’ve always been… No matter what I teach on, I’m So open to learning more. I buy programs. I sign up to courses. I get coached. I read. I listen. I am always looking to know more and share even better.

So when people show up talking about exactly what’s on your mind, pay attention !

When something feels too good to be true, our ego will resist it

My belief is that it’s guidance. It’s showing me how to open up to the field of infinite possibilities…

When someone is talking about ease and grace and all we’ve known is struggle, we can be triggered

Or, we can be curious.

I’ve always chosen the latter. I’m open to learning and growing and finding better and better ways to get the results I desire.

Some people look “successful” but behind the scenes, their stuff owns them. They are tied up in knots of mounting expenses, jobs sucking at their souls and relationships that bore them to tears.

I believe that You know exactly what delights you ❤️

Creating a Life and business  you Love requires courage and some serious RISE’ing. 

A lot of people prefer the lazy option of mediocre versus the effort to understand and practice their natural power.

These days, I’m sharing online programs because it’s an efficient way for me to serve more people and it’s also how I Love to learn at my leisure, my rhythm.

Our programs are brilliant and the content is yours for Life. You can share it with your spouse and teens. You can return to it in the new year to refresh goals and clarify more desires.

Immersing yourself in empowering messages opens you up to experiencing Life with more joy and grace, ready to receive inspired ideas and creative solutions.

Let it be Easy

I Love teaching on Manifesting. But more than that, I Love teaching on letting it be Easy.

I am super passionate and through my laser focus, I can get anything I want. But I had picked up an erroneous belief that work comes with struggle. And even when I started doing what I was born to do, I carried that energy into it.

This is why I Love our Welcome Money program So much. Because you get to do what you Love and be richly rewarded creatively and financially for being You !

I teach you about manifesting abundance, but the process is the same for Everything else… Money is this underground subject. It’s time to bring it to the Light, heal what needs healing and become friends with it. Money wants to support you.

And we need good people with resources. Now more than Ever.

Let’s do this: https://rania.world/welcome-money 💰

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