Shoulders back, chin up 🌟

Many of us (dare I say most of us) were brought up in the doing, doing, doing mentality

like our busy-ness was a badge of honour

The thing is that energy is actually an energy of lack. It’s an energy of needing to prove ourselves (even to ourselves!) and it overcompensates for where we feel we may be not good enough.

Imposter syndrome is rampant amongst the most successful and “productive”

Whatever we end up achieving with that modality comes at a great cost, not just to us but often to those around us too

When we hurt our health or our loved ones or even the planet, we feel lousy.

Let’s look at paradigm shifting into Being

It’s a whole other level of results both for us and for the world up close and personal but also, at large

When we embody the person we aspire to be, with daily practice and tiny steps, we eventually RISE to the occasion

It’s like the gym, the mere repetition builds up its own momentum and becomes visible both physically and energetically

The change is felt almost instantaneously and the tangible results are enjoyed long term as well

When we take on practices that bring us back home to our truth and to Truth itself, we take a deep breath of Life and return to Love

Sometimes, we can’t control what’s happening but we can definitely DECIDE Who We Choose to Be

No matter the chaos, embodying the Best us sorts it all out with class. And grace.

Going frantic in the Doing Doing Doing teachings is like running around a hamster wheel with no end in sight.

Albert Einstein said no problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it.

When we pause, reflect and Choose again, we can build it all in a way that feels good to us and to those around us

When we take good care of our little corner, Life offers us more in terms of influence. This, in turn, grows our impact

and it all begins from the inside out

You get to choose it and DECIDE

You get to clarify Who you want to be

You get to do business and Life from an elevated place right now

This is not about waiting until you have the funds, the platform, the audience. This is about showing up as the best You at every instance

because even the cashier at the grocery shop is picking up your vibes…

It’s a ripple effect. Our energy impacts the room and we can Choose to RISE and Shine and uplift the world with us, every step of the way

When we clarify desires, our in-tuition kicks in

Ideas, inspiration and next steps are whispered…

It may not be linear or logical and may come from out of the blue !

More like a Sixth sense, an inner knowing

It’s been called a gut feeling or a hunch or a nudge, the point is that this guidance is available to every single one of us

So let’s clear up all the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts clogging the pipeline

Life is supposed to feel good. It was never meant to be a struggle

Ready for some Paradigm shifting ??

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money online program is all encompassing

When we re-organise old stories, we change the feelings in our body

This translates into perfect health, loving relationships and all sorts of abundance:

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money



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