Ever wish there was a word that could solve your every issue ? A sort of key to miracles…

Well, there is !

Miracles are natural and when there’s a block in any area of your Life:

The F word can become your go to

In today’s video blog, I explain how the remotest inklings of anger, annoyance, attack, comparison, judgement or resentment will interfere with the flow of your creations.

So let’s clear all that up now:

Your Key To Miracles

Perfection created us kind and good and loving and powerful.

Whenever we catch ourselves in judgement of another, we have to find a way to release that.

You might not know how it works, but a mustard seed of willingness will bring the miracles straight into your world. 

Sometimes, when it all gets too much, the idea is to release and let the universe do her thing… But first, we have to make sure we’ve cleaned up our side of the street.

Catch the thoughts that are running the show in your head. The annoyance, attack, judgements will rear their heads very quickly. As long as the inner banter is pointing out there, the miracles will be blocked.

We have to go to the F Word with total willingness. The good news is you don’t have to know how the key to miracles works. The act might seem unpardonable. Your job is to just be open to forgiving it. An easy prayer of “I am willing to forgive” will lead to things happening that pave the way for your heart to open again… And with that, the clearing of the issue will present itself to you.

I say this beautiful forgiveness paragraph whenever I feel particularly stirred by something, and it transforms the energy right away.


“Whenever you are not wholly joyous, it is because you have reacted with a lack of love to one of God’s creations.” A Course in Miracles

We are One. Whatever annoys us about another is part of us; a disowned part to be sure, our shadow essentially. These are the parts of us we’d rather not deal with, so we project them onto others.

Whatever we give to others, we are giving to ourselves.

When we give kindness, Life is kind to us. When we give Love, it spirals straight back to us. When we give wisdom, more knowledge is bestowed on us. When we give patience, Life is patient with us.

When we give of our abundance, we feel abundant and Life rewards us with more.

When we offer forgiveness, we remember who we are. We remember that only Love is real.

Love creates the miracles. Forgiveness clears the blocks in our path. And what comes back to us is multiplied !

Forgiveness releases the energy that’s holding us prisoner along with the “crime.” Energy creates and as we focus it on Love again, we invite our good to join us.

When I first started doing forgiveness work, I would forgive everyone positively everything. Then, I would hold myself to such high standards and be on my case for every little thing. So remember to offer yourself the same compassion you’re giving the world…

The key to happiness

Love is your power

“Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly.” A Course in Miracles

Our willingness to learn from the difficult assignments invites the guidance we need to show up and introduce us to a new perspective. Books will land in your lap and teachers will appear from out of the blue !

When we remember who we are, Love can work through us to create miracles in our world.

Love is who we are, and when we deviate from that with throughts of fear and attack and judgement, we’ve temporarily forgotten our source.

Life is a co-creation. And it’s Love that creates the miracles for us and through us…

Again and again  🌟




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