Money conversation

Money is currency. And currency is energy. This means that your relationship with money is forever evolving and growing. The question is “in which direction?” Is it becoming solid so you are feeling more confident around it… Or is fear running the show ?

Any fear involved in any part of your life will cause blockages. When the energy is free flowing and filled with Love, all the good can flow to you…

Busted !

Life is in the business of taking away whatever we’re hiding behind… Be it a relationship, a job, our money or wherever we have an unhealthy attachment. That’s usually the area that will bring us both challenges and Huge evolution. Whatever is not serving us will be pulled out of our hands, as scissors would be taken out of a child’s hand for his own wellbeing.

The money conversation begins with the idea that you need nothing on the outside to complete you. You are perfect exactly as you are… and every answer is already within you through your connection to Source energy. Anytime you are placing your sense of joy or security on something, or someone, outside of you, you leave yourself wide open for a correction.

The journey is one of growth and progress and any discomfort arising along the way is the exact assignment Life has in mind. Our willingness to learn and graduate from the lesson is all that’s needed for a swift move out of that situation.

Your Happiness and Function are One

“Life is thought. Let me look at the world I see as the representation of my own state of mind. I know that my state of mind can change. And so I know that the world I see can change.”

~ A Course in Miracles

Your internal story is showing up as your reality. Whatever fear you have on repeat will continue to be re-created over and over again.

When we come into the world as children, we have no fear. We don’t even know what it is. Somewhere in our childhood, we pick up an erroneous belief and that wrong minded thought will drive our experiences until we decide to get conscious and heal the fear once and for all.

In my early childhood, I once got told off quite royally for making too much noise having fun with my kindergarten friend. Ever since, I created a belief that having fun was a dangerous thing ! And I continued to recreate that scenario in my Life. Anytime I had fun, I would get a slap from Life. I lost the job, the guy and then the money… all because I was having fun.

When I dropped the fun, I succeeded in my career, my relationship and with money. But it was not a happy success. So I had to unravel that belief and recognise it as the “tiny mad idea” that A Course in Miracles refers to as our inner projections.

What are your fear beliefs ? Some examples might be that the money is going to run out or making money is hard or a fear of not being good enough, smart enough, young enough or old enough… Locate the limiting story because you’re a thought away from a whole new reality.

Abundance Mindset

The feelings we have on repeat are the creators of our reality. So a poverty mindset – no matter what the bank account says – creates scenarios of lack… The fear will cause the money to slip straight out of your fingers. A lot of people have money but still carry a mindset of lack and slowly but surely, the money will find the most surreal ways of disappearing out of their bank accounts !

Knowing that the universe is abundant because it So is, and aligning with that abundance moment by moment is the quickest way to become a natural money magnet. Feeling appreciation for

  • The sunshine
  • Mother Nature
  • Your health
  • Delicious food
  • Clean Water
  • Kindness
  • Starry nights
  • and more !
 Gratitude Journal

Make a habit of writing down what you’re grateful for EVERY SINGLE DAY. What we appreciate appreciates ! It’s just law. So get super conscious about all the blessings in your world. If you’re reading this, then you have wifi and access to technology and me sharing this with you… That goes on the list !

Every day a whole bunch of good things happen but our brain’s default setting is to go to the problem and hang out there, talking about it and analysing it ad nauseam.

The energy of solutions is a totally different vibration, so let gratitude lead you there.

The Money Conversation and Letting Go

Decluttering the environment is a great first step. I’ve always manifested when I released stuff. When I was moving from my Paris home, I gave so many things away and every time someone would come to collect the object, I would send it off with so much Love knowing how wonderful it was to own. Now it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy it !

The most important practice is the one you establish for yourself. Showing up with Love ready to remember who you really are is the most important gift you give to yourself and to the world. Get clear on the stories that are limiting you. And change them, one thought at a time.

The Art of Receiving

By giving you receive.

But to receive is to accept, not to get.

~ A Course in Miracles

Do you know how to receive ? This is major in the abundance equation. Learning how to receive with grace is a way of pre-paving for all that’s on its way to you. Open your arms wide daily and thank Life for all the good that you’re ready to receive NOW !

The money conversation begins with self Love. Accepting yourself exactly as you are and then gladly receiving Life’s gifts. So accept compliments with a big smile. Accept help in whatever form it comes, be it an open door or a gentle nod. Accept the guidance and the abundance of ideas…

Train yourself to let the good into your world. Givers tend to have a hard time receiving but this is a muscle you have to build. It’s your acknowledgment to the universe that you are worthy and deserving of all your good.

Daily Affirmation

I am willing to release my fear and receive miracles instead.

I open up to creative ideas and infinite possibilities.

I welcome opportunities for Abundance now.

I am ready for solutions of the Highest good !

The Money Conversation

Money is a hot topic. It can cause serious anxiety and stress. But it doesn’t need to… We get to tell a new story and build a new relationship with money.

May money become a source of Love and joy for you as you RISE and uplift the world with you:

Here’s to having the most divine money conversation from this day forward.

Heart-centred people want money for all the good reasons. We want to uplift ourselves and those we love and the causes we care about… and the world at large 🌟

Money in the hands of good people is one of my business’ missions. One person at a time, this is how we create a ripple effect to uplift the world with better decisions at the corporate level, in politics and more.

Fill your mind with more empowering beliefs and turn this ship around so you can be, do and have everything your heart desires.

You deserve A Life You Love

Happy people make the world a happy place !

Start Now: Welcome to a new relationship with Money 





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