What we appreciate appreciates… When our heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation, our energy rises. This makes us a natural magnet for more of what we desire.

I remember when I moved from NYC to Paris, all I could see were the complications… Renting a home was the wildest process. Everyone was away for the summer. Estate agents were on holiday and even the dry cleaners were closed. I was spiraling in my focus on what was not working.

Even the weather was not cooperating. It was rainy and felt grey throughout the month of August. So much for me leaving bright and sunshiny New York. I was second guessing my decision daily.

A New Perspective

I went to London for a weekend and the miracles began. It just took a change of scenery to begin the process of seeing things differently. I was willing to do what it takes to re-align my whole being with my good.

I remembered a time in my Life, when I was writing regularly and my journals were filled with appreciation for Everything… Even the tiniest of blessings were duly noted and celebrated.

That time in my Life was magical. I had just arrived in New York City from London and I was enchanted by every little thing there.

I discovered Wholefoods on Columbus Circle – I believe that was the first one to open in NYC –  and I was living around the corner.

The sunshine filled my world. New York is sunny, even when it’s snowing. A lot of artists choose to live there because of the quality of the Light.

I gently made my way out of finance and into the Education world. The Master’s program I was interested in at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development re-opened for 24 hours. I just happened to be online checking it out at that precise moment !

My Life was like that daily. It was magical. And this was long before I learnt the NeuroScience of how our brain works in terms of neural pathways.

All I knew was that in that state, where my heart felt full, everything I wanted and needed flowed into my world with ease and grace.

What we appreciate appreciates

On my return, I sat down with my journal and a white candle and I listed 150 things for which I was grateful.

From that day onwards, Paris became sunshiny Every single day. I don’t think they’d ever seen anything like that before.

It was just Amazing. Even if it rained, it always did so when I popped indoors. When I was out and about, I walked everywhere and took in the beauty, the history, the magic of Paris.

The City of Light became my City of Light. I discovered meditation, read to my heart’s content, started my first Education business, wrote my first book, met the man of my dreams… and discovered Me 🌟

Sometimes the brain just needs a new perspective so it can go to work on our behalf matching more of what we appreciate and value.

If you’re feeling stuck in any way, today’s video can help:


When we’re filled with appreciation for even the tiniest of things… especially when times are difficult, we raise our energy. This aligns us with inspiration and our heart’s desires.  

Essentially, what we appreciate appreciates ❤️

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