Twin Flames Recognition

Twin flames usually pop up after a difficult, even tumultuous period… leading to what can be called a dark night of the soul

When we are heading towards truth, Life will propel us on a journey to clear out the BS in the way

The limiting beliefs, the doubt, the fear it all emerges so we can work through it, clarify more of our desires and RISE and Shine no matter what is coming at us

On this path, we recognise a twin flames connection

As we unravel our own ego stuff, we make room for the universe to help us connect the dots

Twin FlamesThe twin flame is essentially You. I often write and speak about the Mirror of Life. This connection is actually You !

The other person is always us in terms of revealing to us our vibrations and inner stuff.

Soulmates can definitely contribute to helping us into next level spiritual evolution. But the twin flame is actually us. Really us, up close and personal

The ancient Greeks and Plato specifically explored the notion of a soul split in two from the onset. As we RISE through Life’s challenges and begin overcoming obstacles, we meet our soul

It’s been called a full merging. Divine masculine and Divine feminine reuniting in wholeness

Together now, both can support each other’s mission and fully take it to the next level on the physical plane.

It’s a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical connection. And you will feel it and know it because of the intensity of the experience.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from thinking about it. Your twin flame will be on your mind no matter the busy’ness.

It’s really as simple as you’re meeting yourself. So the love and kindness you offer yourself at this time will be reflected back to you

Your patience with yourself as you go through whatever it is will return to you multiplied

The way you treat yourself and love yourself at this time is part of the unravelling

Lousy habits will drop off as you fill the void with Truth. But the work’s on you. All that’s dealt with from the inside out will show up in reality.

All of it. The Love. The Money. The Success on your terms (meaning your own definition of Success). The Joy and the fun.

It’s a good time to set practices in place to return home. Again and again

It’s a dance between your physical ego and your spiritual essence. Your core. The journey from the mind to the heart

A return to Love again and again and again

Until we understand that the safety, the love, the support, the abundance all come from the inside out, our desire(s) will remain at arm’s length

Close the gap internally and the outer landscape matches. Often quite miraculously 🌟

Love creates the miracles. God (whatever name you choose for Your Higher Power) is the Source

This union can only occur when the ego layers are being released

So when it feels horribly uncomfortable, like you are being stripped of everything, know and trust that it’s all leading to exactly what you want

Not only a life on purpose that serves the world at large but also the love and abundance that are yours by divine right

During the build-up to this twin flames union, there will be a few phases:


Triggered and healing

Remembering Truth

Deeper connection to Life itself

+ Self Love and compassion because only from that place can we truly love another. Unconditionally

Heart walls melting

You can’t stay angry at your twin flame. No matter the triggers, the journey home transcends it all. It’s a pull. An eternal pull.

Sometimes, the strangest things happen to bring you two together. Things that make no sense to you. Injustices. Hurts. All sorts of crazy nonsensical stuff will have a go at you right left and centre. It’s all to shed away the ego and open up your heart in the most complete way

This relationship is You being You. Unencumbered. Raw and real

Together, you get to complete what you came into the world to do

There’s a point where you have done as much as you can on your own. And this union becomes necessary for your purpose mission

More and more twin flame unions are emerging as we head into the Golden age 

But first, before any of this, it’s an inward journey. An unravelling of layers and years of conditioning that have kept you bound in chains mind, body and soul

A deep breath of Life and you get to release limiting stuff in the way and claim your greatest Life

  • You Truth
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Joy
  • Your Abundance
  • Your Miracles
  • Your Connection to a Higher power
and with that comes guidance, grace and ease
and a Life fully completely and entirely on purpose ❤️

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