If you’re feeling overwhelmed…

Feeling overwhelmed ?  Try this !

With so many changes taking place, I’m hearing the word overwhelmed a lot.

It’s important to identify our feelings so we know how to proceed.

Feeling overwhelmed is usually about feeling out of control. Too much to do and not knowing where to start… As a result, you can turn in circles and end up doing nothing !

In today’s video, I explain the power of words and how you can transform unhelpful thoughts into more supportive feelings. Improved emotional states will lead to more productive action steps and better results.

We hear about the power of our thoughts a lot. But sometimes, a thought is spiralling and has grabbed you already. In this case, I have found that it’s easier to change the words

Climbing up the ladder of emotional states invites the universe to support your co-creations. Your mere willingness to feel better is already Huge and will bring with it all sorts of helpful ideas. So happy you’re here !

How about a better story ?

Our Life is a result of the movie(s) we’re running on repeat in our mind. We project that outwards and it’s reflected back as our reality.

Our job is to notice what Life is presenting us with… And without judgement, to choose a new story line.

The brain’s default setting is fear. It’s our survival mode, always on the lookout for a problem. We can choose to shift the focus, again and again, to what we’d actually like to create.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that we are the creators of our circumstances. We forget just how powerful we are.

The good news is that you have the power to transform your Life into exactly what you’d like, one thought at a time. As you add up those shifts, you’ll begin to feel good, And feeling good aligns you naturally with your desires.

When you feel good, the creative juices are released. New ideas and solutions percolate leading to more inspired action steps… And so begins a new co-creation of your reality. From the inside out !

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