Favorite self sabotage

What’s your favourite flavour of self-sabotage?

We often hear that we’re barely scratching the surface of our brain’s capabilities. How do you self sabotage ? The Neocortex, seat of executive thinking and clever decision-making is, in effect, only about 5% of the gig. It thinks it’s in control but it isn’t… 

95% of our life is actually run by the subconscious mind. It doesn’t think, it just transacts on a programming it received in early childhood. And it’s the one that’s really in control. 

So when we have amazing ideas about how our life ought to progress, we have to bring that giant part of our brain on board too.

That’s where my work comes in. Mindset is the name of the game. That means going to the gym for the brain. And like all our other muscles, it needs regular practice!

Michael Buble self-sabotage quoteI recently came across this Michael Buble quote. I Love his music and was so impressed by his awareness. That usually comes after one blow too many… It’s also the beginning of bringing the darkness to the light so it can be addressed and healed.

Self-sabotage can be so subtle and cleverly disguised

Self sabotage can be so subtle and cleverly disguised that we can actually miss it. It’s essentially the result of not believing that we deserve to be happy or free or rich or brilliant. Somewhere deep in our system, we don’t feel we deserve that. So we suffer and struggle accepting less that what’s really our natural birthright.

The truth is that when children come into the world, they know exactly who they are. If they’re not fed or looked after properly, they know just how to cry and scream to get what they want. And then watch them in their early years, absolutely knowing that they can do, be and have anything they desire. But somewhere down the line, that natural sparkle can be dimmed by unconscious adults who pass on their frustrations and forget to encourage the genius within. 

We are here to shine bright in our joy, our confidence and our natural love of life. We are here to live our best life. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is IT!

So let’s look at a few ways that our subconscious can cause us to deflect claiming our greatness…

  • Perfectionism is procrastination 

This one’s a biggie especially for the ladies!

Cornell University research discovered that men overestimate their performance and abilities, while women underestimate both. And a Hewlett Packard internal report found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet 60% of the qualifications, but women only apply if they have 100% !

Perfectionism is a form of procrastination so let the motto be progress not perfection.  And know that by moving forward anyway, you will deepen the knowledge base and eventually become the expert you aspire to be. It’s engagement, not thought, that actually drives growth and development.

Richard Branson opportunity quote

  • The Art of the Finish

So you’ve been working on a project and just before finishing it, you change your mind with “this isn’t actually what I want” (It’s not the book I want to write, it’s not exactly the work I want to do… etc.) This one is so subtle that it can be totally missed. So look around, see what projects you’ve started and not finished. And complete them!!!

Pivoting is an offshoot of this. It can be a very smart business decision sometimes but it can also be a way of not persevering at something… Perseverance is one trait that every major success story has in common. Think if Thomas Edison had stopped at 9,999 attempts ? 

  • Settling for mediocre

We deserve the very best and at the deepest level of us, we know it. We also know when we’re settling and that feels totally off. Remember the journey is first class all the way… Look around and begin decluttering your environment (physical + emotional) and upgrading bit by bit, day by day, until the world around you feels  good, really good.

Overcoming self sabotage

Being the greatest version of you requires the work it takes to become the best version of you… And that means learning new ways, breaking old habits and taking on new more powerful beliefs.

If you’re ready to remember who you really are and to RISE, it would be my absolute honour to work with you.

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