Do you have a vision deep within you of your dream life ?

Are you longing to be living this Life ?

Are you open and willing to figure out the steps to get you there ?

Have you always been the good student, good daughter/son, good friend, good partner, good everything….  Now you’re ready to just be you ?

Do you have an inner critic always having a go at you – all that you could be, say or do better ?

Do you feel like you’re having a bit of an expectation hangover ?

Would you like to be in Love… with others, with you and with Life itself ?

Are you ready to start dancing through Life, co-creating your heart’s desires with more ease and grace ?

Have you had enough of the politics, the nonsense and the noise around you ?

Do you feel like it’s time to expand and RISE to your next level ?

Are you ready to let it be easier than ever before ?

Do you feel called to invest in yourself, your dreams and your future ?

Would you like to be richly rewarded, creatively and financially, for being you ?


Ready to RISE ?


You want to learn and grow and share the goodness.

You are self-motivated and inspired to be the best version of yourself.

You are kind and thoughtful and feel called by an inner knowing that you are here for more and for better.

You’ve been trying this thing called Life, but it’s jamming and you’re ready for it to feel better… and easier.

You want to do good and enjoy a peaceful sunshiny rhythm to your days.

You’d like to feel more abundant, in Every area of your Life.

You’re ready to be in the groove and expand to your next level.


I’m on a mission !

It’s a thrill to empower you to bring your vision to Life in a way that feels true and authentic to you.

I’ve helped clients break earnings ceilings: reaching multiple 8 figure years, bucking the trends (even through a pandemic), earning more than their CEOs and sometimes, becoming their own boss.

They have built profitable businesses, from scratch.

They have been at the leading edge of innovation and creativity.

They have remembered who they are and the power of Love to create miracles in their world.

They continue to learn, practice, evolve and grow daily.

I am so proud of each and every single one of them for the Amazing impact they make.

And I have seen, over and over again, that when we invest and take the time to clear out old judgements and limiting beliefs, we claim back our Life force.


Your Next Level


You’ll be clearer on your desires and goals

You’ll feel more alive and confident

Your days will be more fun and synchronistic

You’ll release what no longer serves, with grace

You’ll have the courage to ask for what you want… and get it !

You’ll be an inspiration in your world by being the full version of You

You’ll be more on purpose and co-create your heart’s desires

As you RISE, you’ll uplift the world with You


About Rania


Private coaching with Rania LababidyI was in the world of finance for a decade. I was successful, as the world would define it. But deep down, I knew this wasn’t the life of my dreams.

So even though, I was earning the big bonuses, buying the Chelsea maisonette, wearing Chanel, purchasing art at the Royal Academy and dating the guy with the Aston Martin… My life felt like a struggle. Relationships – across the board – were complicated. The work felt hard. The traveling was exhausting. And it was like I was sleep walking through someone else’s definition of Success.

At the time, coaching only existed for athletes, so I had to learn my lessons the hard way. But the minute I started to move in the direction of my heart’s desires, Life stepped in and supported me, in quite miraculous ways.

I had to move across the world to NYC to have the courage to claim my dream life. I quit that career and started again… Leaving behind a serious relationship, selling my home, uprooting from friends and family.

The journey ended up being full circle, because true change happens from the inside out. All roads lead us home, one way or another !

I received a Master’s degree from NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. 

I’ve been an Education entrepreneur ever since… Co-creating my world, one step at a time.

I’m in London again. My Life feels so on purpose now and I Love Love Love it 💖


How it works 


A few times a year, I open up the RISE program to welcome in a new client. 

It’s such an honour for me to do this work and help you make your dreams come true.

The RISE program is a twelve months One on One coaching experience.

You have my full support, across every area of your life and access to my weekly calendar.

The premise of my work is that we create it internally first. We have to shed the layers of fear we’ve picked up over the years and then re-build it, from the inside out.

Life matches who we are… Our energy creates.

This is both a spiritual and a practical training. You will also have my audios and presentations to support you 24/7.

If your intuition is saying there’s something in this for you to learn, understand, discover, experience and know… That’s your internal GPS speaking !

I encourage you to follow those nudges from Life 🌟


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this only for business executives ?

Absolutely not ! My work does tend to appeal a lot to people in the world of finance, or those with business degrees and backgrounds.

I also Love to work with entrepreneurs who are looking to take their life and business to the next level in terms of both impact and purpose.


How do we plan the schedule ?

Some clients like to have a weekly appointment at the same time. Others prefer to signal when something’s on their mind.

That’s totally up to you !


Would it be possible to have weekend sessions ?

Yes. Clients sometimes prefer to talk or have Team meetings at the weekend, as this is a good time to reflect on the week and plan ahead.


Can you guarantee specific results ?

I deeply believe in the transformative power of this work. I know you will feel empowered having someone on your side whose mission is to open you up to creative solutions and possibilities.

I believe that this work begins from the inside out. I will share with you techniques and strategies to trust yourself, raise your energy and take inspired steps.

I’ve made the process super easy and concise because I know time is of the essence in this fast world. But the results will be up to you… Consider it like the gym, you have to do the work !

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee results. The testimonials throughout Rania.World may not be typical for everyone.

Also, please note that there are no refunds for this program. Do email us with further questions so all is super clear before you sign up !




If you’d like to reach out, please fill out this form to tell me a bit about you

Once we’re both totally clear, you will receive the payment link

Private coaching RISE investment in You is £125,000

More questions ? Email support@rania.world



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