Every thought you think

Every decision you make

Every step you take

is a choice between fear or Love 

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Albert Einstein

Anytime we go into fear mode, we’ve just temporarily forgotten Who we are.

In this post and with this meditation, my intention is to remind you how powerful you are.

You are super powerful

The power in your thoughts, words, decisions, action steps and energy is infinite thanks to your connection to a Higher power.  Your Higher Self or Source Energy. However you choose to see it and call it…

When you align yourself, you remember who you are.

Love is your power.

Love creates miracles.

Whatever it is you’re after, it’s because you believe it will allow you to feel safe or happy.

The truth is that those feelings come from inside of you and nothing on the outside can truly give you that satisfaction.

If it’s money you’re trying to call in and you manifest it before sorting out the inner landscape, it will continue to feel like a  scary subject. Either you’ll replicate feast or famine situations or you’ll just be in constant fear of it running out…

And the same applies to calling in a partner or anything else. The feelings come from inside you.

The safety or joy you are after have to be found internally first so the calling in of whatever is real. And lasting.

Strengthen your connection to your Higher power and you become magnetic to your heart’s desires

Surrender to the Truth of Who You Are

You are a child of the divine

You are here to Co-create your most Amazing Life

You are safe

You are held

You are Loved

You are divinely guided and protected at all times

Life is for you

Choirs of Angels are watching over you, Every step of the way

What you need will Always be there for you. And in perfect timing

Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for showing up for You… For your willingness to see things differently

Every shift you choose to make from fear to Love, you’re inviting miracles into your world

You are entitled to miracles

You are worthy of your heart’s desires

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If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.


Trust Life

Trust Yourself

Trust the timing

Trust the genius orchestration

Trust it all

Faith is to believe in the unseen and the reward of that is to receive it

With Life on your side, you are invincible

Know that… Know that in Every cell of your being

You are destined for greatness

Choose to step into it Now

Take a deep breath in

Press play

Close your eyes

Let me remind You Who You Are

Keep taking Long Deep Full breaths in… and out

With Every breath, you allow your system to recalibrate

You invite invisible helpers in

And you welcome the guidance

Your desires are placed in You by Life itself

Listen to the whispers of your heart

Take the steps

One by one

Day in

Day out

Trust yourself

Don’t stop until you have your Every heart’s desire. Or better ❤️

You Are Powerful. Remember Who You Are



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