What we resist, persists

It’s Diwali. I’ve just finished a yoga class where the instructor, Danielle, talked about the triumph of light over darkness. This is what Diwali represents. The good wins in the end. It’s the plot we’re all supporting, as she reminded us. That’s the truth.

Now let’s look at what gets in the way – The resistance. I’m onto resistance. Big time. Why do we resist what we need most? You know the saying: what we resist persists. Clearly. It’s the light trying to get in. The ego resists that. And with passion! It will do whatever it can to hold back on that movement in the direction of light. Whatever it is. Diving deeper in love. Meditating. Feeling our feelings. Telling the truth… Even to ourselves. It’s the mind holding the whole thing in its grip. Thinking it’s in control.

The mind can be the seat of fear – Analysing, strategising. The heart just feels and loves and risks. It’s an adventure. And it feels good.

So why are we doing our best to resist exactly what we need? And what would move us along on our journey to love, truth, joy. Perfect peace, perfect health – Everything our soul came here to experience. Susan Jeffers wrote a book with an amazing title: Feel the fear and do it anyway. Truth: whatever scares us most is very often the right next step for us. What about resistance? Well, I’d say it’s an even purer indicator of our next step. There might be a wobble, or a few, in there. Still, we persevere. We let the light triumph over the darkness. We let the good win. And, as a result, we inspire others with our courage and joy. As we conquer resistance – the ego, the fear – and embrace the lightness of being, we blossom. We find our heaven on earth ❤





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